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                                     AMC LIVE STREAM RECAP

Ok Walkers last week Daryl and Noah made it  back to the church. They are Getting a plan together with Rick to go back into the Atlanta hospital to get Carol and Beth out of there. Rick and Tyreese and Sasha go with them while Carl and Michonne stay with the crazy mysterious preacher and the baby Judith at the church.

Abraham is still freaked out. The Abraham group is trying to figure their next move out. Back to Rick and the gang, and Rick is figuring out how to get in the hospital and kill the bad guys fast. Interstingly, Daryl and Tyreese want to kidnap a couple of the cops to use to trade for Beth and Carol. Rick does not trust any of those cops and would rather go in there using brute force. 

Carl tries to teach the crazy preacher how to defend himself. The preacher seems to be falling apart. but Carl should be able to take care of himself just in case the preacher goes nuts. Besides, Rick told Carl to turn the preacher into a Walker if he starts acting up!  

So at the hospital Beth overhears Dawn talking to one of her cops about Noah and Carol. poor Carol is on life support machines, and they decide she’s not worth saving, and make the decision to turn off the machines. Beth gets the keys to the drug locker  to save Carol’s life.

Glenn and Maggie and their group are on the road. And more Walkers show up. To bad Eugene, who is in a coma after Abraham beat his head in. Pitifully, Abraham is a mess and just sits on his knees staring into space in lala land.

Daryl and one of the cops fight and then Daryl rips a walkers head off and uses it to beat the cop’s head in. Rick shows up ready to kill but softy Daryl talks him out of killing the cop. He wants to use them as bait for the crazies in the hospital. So Rick goes along with the plan for now.

Glenn, Rosita, and Tara fight off walkers with their blades and knives while Michonne back at the church, is trying to talk to the weird-ass preacher who hides in his room. While in his room he begins tearing things apart.  He goes under his floorboards for some reason. It might be the the beginning of the craziness.

In the hospital Beth is gets the drugs for Carol. She gets the drug and gives it to Carol while she is still unconcious.

Maggie who once again approaches Abraham who is still buggin on his knees and staring off into space. He seems to snap out of it finally, and we hear Eugene the fake-ass scientist waking up. He might get another beating

Sasha was helping Bob turned her back and he knocks her out and runs away somewhere.  So the action and the drama is building more and more on the Walking dead. If you really need to see this show you should get your ass to a TV. if you can not get to a TV or you are in Orbit or a third world country then you can watch AMC live stream here and watch The Walking Dead Live here on Ufreetv. Yeah the pop-up ads and stream may suck, but hey, it’s free and after all you should be counting your lucky stars that you’re not a Walker!

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