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                                    HOW MICROSOFT’S SKYPE

Skype Translator gives you the ability to speak another language without learning one. Simply set up a Skype video or voice call with someone who speaks another language and start talking. Translator is currently available in English and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.

What appears to be magic is actually years of work Microsoft has put into perfecting the voice recognition and translation service, offering near perfect translation results in a few seconds.

When you use Translator:

✔ Your conversation is translated into another language in near real-time.

✔ What someone else says is translated back in your language.

✔ An on-screen transcript of your call is displayed.

✔ And you can send instant messages across 40+ languages.

The Skype Translator is powered by language data from Microsoft’s Bing Translator with fancy algorithms implemented for speech “disfluencies.”
Microsoft launched a public preview of its Skype Translator, which provides a real time translation for both chat messages and voice calls.

Microsoft plans to add more languages when Skype Translator is officially released, most likely with the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. The service could change the way business interact around the world, if Microsoft nails the functionality. more on Skype Translator here

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