Ufreetv is a free live video service website. All the videos and streams on Ufreetv are not hosted by Ufreetv. Ufreetv makes them available to you by way of embed codes from sites such as UStream and YouTube etc.. 

All channels/videos are checked regularly to make sure they are updated with a working embed code. Sometimes we may miss a channel or it’s embed code may change before we get a chance to update it. But we will get to it ASAP. 

If you see a channel is not working you can let us know by using our CONTACT FORM  and tell us which channel is broken – We will try to update ASAP.

The Ads that are on top of the videos, sometimes covering the videos, are NOT Ufreetv Ads (they belong to the video streamer). Our ads are only on the sidebars. If a popup Advertisement asks for payment for a premium account please ignore it and close the ad window. Our service is absolutely free.

Ufreetv makes less than $100 a month from the advertisements. It is just enough to pay the bills (server, hosting, coffee! etc..)

We don’t ask for any donations. But if you do feel you want to donate to Ufreetv you can. If you decide to donate to Ufreetv you can by sending your donation via PayPal to info@ufreetv.com. (if you are on a fixed income, unemployed or have bills to pay please DO NOT DONATE!)  –  In advance, we thank you for your generosity and may God Bless you.