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AMC live stream is one of the most watched channel on TV on Sunday nights. Besides having great shows on a regular basis AMC has drawn a big following for it’s original series The Walking dead. The gruesome horror show has become an adrenaline rush for viewers of all ages. What is  not realized about the show is that it desensitizes people to death and various types of killing and taking life, in effect, it teaches people to not respect life (and that is very sad). Aside from the Apocalypse and the various  images we all have of such a frightening time, life would not be the way it is portrayed in this horror show. No one knows for certain if there would be any life. 

AMC has been around since 1984 and originally only showed classic films. In 1990 AMC began to air 24hrs a day and gradually shifted it’s schedule to other things. Over the course of past 2 deacades AMC has grown to become very popular and the credit should be given to the new series of shows it began to develop and air.

Now in the present time it had done very well with shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead live stream, Hell on Wheels, Comic Book Men, Freakshow, Owner’s Manual, The Pitch, Small Town Security, Better Call Saul, Halt & Catch Fire, Turn, King Of Arms, Line of Sight, Galyntine, Knifeman, Preacher, Raiders, The Terror, Untitled The Walking Dead Spin-off, and White City.

There are so many different catagories of which AMC has focused on. One thing remains constant on AMC, it has gained a growing number of fans who love watching the horror hit The Walking Dead, or even the Talking Dead which comes on right after TWD.

So we will see as the future unfolds and find an AMC live stream we can watch for free on the internet because that is where we are in today’s world. Live streaming Tv is already replacing regular cable or Antenna broadcats. It is no wonder that most searches on the internet on Sunday nights are of AMC stream or Walking dead stream live.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

A recap of what happened on last weeks episode of The Walking dead: The group has split up and Eugene, who was heading towards DC with one of the groups has finally came out to say that he is a liar and there is no cure for the Walking Dead. 

So Sgt. Abraham punched the Fake Dr. Eugene in the face and knocked him out in leaving him to fall on his face. The rest of the group who is with them Glenn & Maggie are left with confusion as to what can possibly be the next course of action. Not to mention that there not being an actual cure has left everyone shocked.

So I guess that we will find out this coming Sunday on the next episode of The Walking Dead of which you can watch an AMC live stream feed of the show right here!

For previous full episodes you can go Here

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